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Full day transformational workshop – presented by Money Matters Mastery ©

It is possible that you are missing the first step, that is YOU!

We can only attract what is not blocked by our belief system, by our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is THE real decision maker!
Even if you learnt the greatest marketing technique, have the greatest talents, if you do not have permission from your own self, the part that you are not consciously aware of, money will always be an issue.

That is why you have to work with your decision maker!

During the full day workshop we will concentrate on your own mindset around money and develop a path to get to to it.
You will get very practical tools to change your money situation. You will also learn the shapes, colours and more analogy do a thorough work on money.

Saturday, Nov 8, 2014
11:00 am to 6:00 pm

The Money Magnet transformational workshop will enable you to get a unique insight into your believes, blockages, your true attitude towards money and show you the way to get results.

You will learn what you need to do to really start attracting money into your life.
You will get to look at money like never before!
We will do exercises based on the highly successful European method systemic family and business constellations work now well-know all over Europe, the US, and South America.
At the end of the workshop you will walk away with a 4 step plan to start to change your financial situation from the next day.
You will learn simple yet powerful tools to get permission from yourself to have abundance.
You will learn that there is indeed a door to money where you thought were just walls before!

The methodology we are using is a proven system that is very expensive all over the world, yet is highly popular.

The true value of this workshop is $998, yet you can get it now for the fraction of it because I want to make it possible for more people to help themselves in these challenging times.

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What to bring to the workshop

  • an object that represents wealth for you
  • a notebook that you start using specifically for this workshop (the nicer looking it is the better)
  • coloured pencils/crayons/felt pens
  • a coin and a bill of any amount
  • a piece of gold (jewellery, anything made of gold) if you cannot, bring a picture of it
  • the floor plan or a sketch of the place you live in with major directions indicated on it (optional)
  • light lunch and plenty of water (there are restaurants nearby if you prefer them)
  • your partner/a friend so that you have ongoing support even after the workshop until your new way becomes a habit (2nd person can attend for 100$ to facilitate the best results for you)

It is time to make an investment in yourself to create the income that makes you free from stress once and for all!

Looking forward to working with you and can’t wait to see the changes in your life!


#18 – 7850 Edmonds Street
Burnaby, BC
Free parking, close to Edmonds, Metrotown, easy access on Canada way
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See you soon,
Founder of Money Matters Mastery ©
Certified business and family systemic constellation work consultant
Business personality developer and life purpose strategist



Join our group and see you at our next event.

Meet Money and get to know it! Every meeting will be centred around getting to know money from all angles. You will have opportunities to promote your business or services to our group.

We will have fun activities, conversations, keynote speakers from all walks of life helping to get to know money so well that we start making lots of it!

We are entrepreneurs, business people, men and women who want to be successful and rewarded in what we are doing.

No matter how great the marketing technique you are learning if you are missing the right mindset or have blocks with money. Let’s support and inspire each other to be in that mindset and have fun along the way!

This is a success oriented group uncovering all aspects of money and how it is tied to your belief system as well as financial skills. How does it behave in the current economy and how is it influenced by the newest marketing trends.

We want success stories from you, too. Come share your success and create the mindset together that has no financial limits.

The right mindset is what is common in all big money makers of our time!

Make friends with money, find out its true nature so that it can be a permanent resident in your business giving you a carefree personal life.

There will be no taboos around money, we will discuss all that is needed to uncover and remove everything that can stop us from living a life we want through our businesses.